Finn Classic combination rifle-shotgun

Finn Classic Combination Rifle-Shotgun

A pre owned Finn Classic over and under shotgun with a pair of .308 win barrels.  A great gun system for someone wishing to shoot pig.  The 12b barrels are 29″1/2″ ventilated rib and multi choked. The gun has a single select trigger.  The .308 barrels are 23″ 1/2″ and are zeroed presently for a point of aim of 50 yards, this can be altered quite easily to what ever distance is required. There is also a red dot scope by bushnell 1×28 magnification and 2 set off quick detachable bases.  The gun is cased and the case holds both barrel sets and sights.

Perfect for occasional pig shooting and can be used as a shotgun the rest of the time.

This item is unavailable to purchase online. Please get in touch with us for more information or call in store to purchase.

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