Enfield L42A1Sniper Rifle

L42A1  Enfield  7.62×51 Nato

A complete L42A1 sniper rifle in 1st class condition.

This rifle is off the highest standard, all serial numbers and associated items match.

The kit is comprized of the following,

Chest, Telescope (scout), L1A1 Telescope, cleaning kit, nylon rifle sling, IWS mount, sling for telescope case, container & brushes,lens and dust cloth, Chamber cleaning tool, L42A1 Rifle, snipers rifle cover, lens cloth, sniper pocket book.  Sniping Training manuel no4 1976.

A collectors item and not something thats turns up often.

This item is unavailable to purchase online. Please get in touch with us for more information or call in store to purchase.

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